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Born in Cambridge, MA subsequently relocating to Hampton, NH at a very young age.  Regina had the great opportunity to go to school and grow up in the seacoast bedroom community of Hampton,  NH and has, for most of her life enjoyed living, working, and serving her community on the seacoast.  


After undergraduate school, Regina worked as a legal assistant to the Law Firm of Murphy, Michaels, & Sullivan in Boston.  It did not take long for her to realize that she desperately missed managing hospitality businesses back home on the seacoast.  After less than a year, Regina returned to front-end management of Hampton Beach seasonal restaurants back in her hometown.  


In 2007, Regina became a staff auditor/accountant for the CPA firm of Shatswell, MacLeod & Company in Peabody, MA.  At Shatswell, Regina was responsible for reviewing and/or preparing financial statements and Security & Exchange Commission’s (SEC) annual & quarterly filings for a large and diversified sample of community banks, public & private, throughout New England.  


In 2016, as a complete political outsider, Regina ran for the Hampton Board of Selectmen, she was awarded the seat in March of 2016 and is now in her second term.  Regina’s agenda at that time was simple, it was sustainability.  Regina’s agenda for Concord will be the same.  Regina believes in fiscal conservative values, fiscal responsibility & accountability, socially moderate policies, and representation not regulation of the granite state resident and taxpayer.  Regina believes in accountability, she also believes that lawmakers should be aware of all laws that already exist & be subject to the obedience of any laws that they create.  

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