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A fight for Hampton Sovereignty

National politics do not matter here in Hampton, we have a bubble protection shield around us; a shield from inflation, illegal non vetted immigrants, open borders (especially the one 7 miles away), critical race theory, & BLM in our schools, and unauthorized mandates on taxpayers

' children, most of which have been proven to be non effective.

None of the above matters here in Hampton, as long as we act like everything is fine and get dozens of nonprofit organizations in taxpayers' business and affairs of the town.

The worst part, all the Hampton Good Old Boys want more government jobs created (pensions, fringe benefits...) for their friends, all at the taxpayers' expense. Federal money will make that easier for them, what happens when the federal money runs out?

But none of that matters here in Hampton. We are exempt, there is nothing to worry about.

In actuality, it is a fight for Hampton sovereignty. I'm in.

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