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A notice to Hampton, NH voters

Just so Hampton voters know, all the good old chamber boys telling you to vote for Amy Hansen this March, all supported me when I first ran back in 2016.

Why? They wanted Selectmen Woolsey out, who has selflessly done more for this town than anyone else I am aware of. At the time, I did not understand that.

These same chamber boys convinced me that she was a problem, and that we needed new blood, in essence they slandered Selectmen Woolsey because she did not agree with them. They wanted someone who would not ask questions and just go with the status quo. Little did they realize, they were getting me.

The boys campaigned for me, came to my events, did it all.

During my second term, after I firsthand learned quite a bit on my own, I started to disagree with what they were preaching, and now, here we are.

Also, as a selectmen, to vote on anything, based on one's own emotions is what is SHAMEFUL, in my view.

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