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The Biden regime housing plan aligns nicely with what has been done in NH over the past several years. The Housing Appeals Board in the 2019 budget and the Regional Economic Development Commission & related funding in the 2021 budget.

Keep in mind, all repugnant to the NH Constitution.

THE RECAP: Back in 2019, during the state budget negotiations, as part of the senate amendments, the omnibus budget bill included the creation of a statewide housing appeals board (HAB). Chapter 679 HOUSING APPEALS BOARD (  

Although the 2019 introduced bill, SB306, creation of the HAB was defeated in the legislative process, the state senate along with the governor thought it proper to include the HAB as part of the biennial budget negotiations. The creation of this board had been tried several times before and it always failed, so this time, it was included as part of the budget deal.   The repeal of this board has been presented during several NH legislative sessions since the HAB's effective date of July 1, 2020. All proposed repeals of the HAB were determined to be inexpedient to legislate (ITL).   Statewide there have also been local efforts to convince Concord representatives and senators to repeal this unconstitutional board. All efforts have failed.   The HAB is an appointed board of non-elected bureaucrats. This body should not be able to overrule decisions made by locally elected bodies, such as town planning boards and zoning boards of adjustment. The HAB is a one size fits all policy, not good for our NH advantage, local communities, or their sovereignty.  

It is not proper for state-level representatives to decide what is best for individual communities throughout the state. The authority simply is not there.   During November 2020, by Executive Order, Governor Sununu created the Council on Housing Stability. This council is made up of more non-elected appointed bureaucrats with more one size fits all policies.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE: ALL Republican leadership during that time, Governor Chris Sununu, the majority of the Executive Council (4 of 5), and House and Senate leadership; Senate President Chuck Morse and House Speaker Sherman Packard. Any questions?

Included in the 2024 HOUSING LEGISLATION UPDATE FROM is a bill to expand the authority of the HAB. NH does not want this. Please oppose this bill and hold accountable anyone who votes for its passage.


HB 1602 – OPPOSE – This bill will be heard on 02/14/2024 at 02:15 PM in LOB Room 206-208 by the House Judiciary Committee. Use the House Portal to record your OPPOSITION. This bill would expand the Housing Appeal Board’s authority and provide it the ability to review state agencies’ decisions.


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