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Acadia Avenue mill and pave

Jamie Sullivan (Town Manager), 

Jennifer Hale (DPW Director), & 

Jason Bachand (Town Planner),

This message is to voice concern about the upcoming paving project to occur on Acadia Ave.

Many Hampton neighborhood roads, as we know, are in deplorable condition.  Speeding is also a regular occurrence in these same neighborhoods throughout the town.  

Although it is one of the primary duties of a local NH town government to "maintain the roadways," the town of Hampton, through its leadership, at the selectmen and planning board levels, have failed.  This failure is mostly due to the respective board's slanted special interest agendas as well as their rubber stamping and allowance of the state tyrants to dictate unconstitutional statutes, such as Acessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), down to the local level with one-size fits all solutions to the "housing crisis."   Other Concord "solutions" that have added to town congestion problems are in regard to housing bribes via legislation done by state officials and representatives to get what they want for housing agendas into the local NH communities.  Hampton breaks the mold on that and has for awhile, mostly because neither board seems to consider local sovereignty in the decision-making process. 

Both boards have allowed special interests (their friends) to rape most of the town's landscapes and natural resources in return for a profit to be made by statewide special interest groups, state commissions, and property development friends.  All of the development has not included any major updates or plan(s) to update major town infrastructure,  such as town roadways and sidewalks, Acadia is just one example. 

What can be done ?

Well considering there are hundreds more people living in the Acadia Ave. neighborhood since allowance of ADUs throughout Hampton and still no improvement to the roadway system, I suggest that atleast 2 speed tables be added to Acadia Avenue (between Thorwald and Walnut) during the upcoming mill and pave project.  On top of that, adding a stop sign at the Emerald Ave / Acadia Ave. intersection ASAP.

A newly paved road without any traffic calming devices, sucn as speed tables and a stop sign, will make speeding vehicles travel even faster and present more of a safety hazard in the area.  

Acadia Ave. is a neighborhood that has pedestrian traffic, including children and the elderly, yearround,  The neighborhood is 1/4 mile from the seawall, residents and visitors of the area should be able to get to and from their destination by foot,  bicycle, or vehicle safely and at all times.  Currently, that is not the case.

The congestion at the east end of Winnacunnet also needs to be addressed as a public safety issue.  The speeding problem continues from Landing Road east to the seawall.  Most of that sidewalk is in deplorable condition.  

May I suggest during the summer months (6/1 - 9/1), making Winnacunnet Road, starting at the Landing road intersection going all the way east, "Local Traffic Only."  

Thank you for your prompt attention to these matters.

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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