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Article 11 NH Bill of Rights

Here is the number one reason to vote "yes" on Hampton warrant articles #39 & #40, which both petition to return to hand counting of ballots for all elections held in Hampton:

There is only one "law of the land," and it is the NH constitution. Over time, bipartisan efforts have created legislative statutes that were never authorized by the citizens of NH, state voting laws are just one example.

Let us look at Article 11 of the NH Bill of Rights: Elections and Elective Franchises:

There has not been a constitutional amendment to Article 11, since 1984 on state elections laws. The state legislature does not have the authority to amend the consitution without first asking we the people of NH.

Many of our current state voting laws, adoption of RSA 656:40, included, violate the state constitution and should be repealed immediately.

RSA 656:40 which allowed the board of selectmen to adopt machines on a TRIAL basis is repugnant to the NH consitution. This act was never authorized by we the people. This act altered how the town of Hampton counts and records votes. The adoption of ballot counting devices in Hampton goes against or is repugnant to the state constitution

Hampton and its citizens should "Vote Yes" on Articles 39 and 40 on March 8. "Vote Yes" for election integrity. "Vote Yes" for Hampton Sovereignty.

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