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Blast from the Past

Check out the WMUR fakenews clip from about a year ago down below. This was my public response when Seacoast BLM Director West asked for my resignation because I was a homophobe bigot...

The then Hampton Selectmen Chairman, Jim Waddell apparently thought entertaining Marxists was a good way to spend taxpayer time.

If only Clifton West Jr. took the time to speak with me directly, we probably would of agreed on more than one would think.

Clifton was recently named one of the seacoasts' top ten young professionals "to watch" by the Portsmouth Herald.

As we can see by this example, many out there still do not understand the transition that is happening here in NH.

The effects of Marxists organizations such as Black Lives Matter will eventually be detrimental to our nation, our state, and our communities. Time to stop supporting woke organizations and individuals and time to support and hold accountable those who act to counter socialism, Marxism, and Progressivism.

Someone please let Seacoastonline know.

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