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Common Law for Dummies by Richie Merritt

Consitution and Common Law scholar Richie Merritt explains how we get out of this mess. It won't come by electing people to office in a fraudulent system and it won't come by writing legislation in the same fraudulent system.

It must come from, We the People, until then we will continue in a decline. We must know Donald J. Trump represents a way of life going forward, but without us, he is one man working against millions.

Thank you Richie for this much needed lesson with applicable NH history.

Lawyers are not the answer and neither are the NH appointed courts, more of the fraudulent system.

"How the B.A.R. uses statutes, ordinances etc. against the people in direct violation of the supreme law of the land, the united States Constitution.

When the police go into court to testify, their actions are supported by a corrupt legal system so the police officer thinks he is doing the right thing when he is, in fact violating the rights of the people."

Please listen below folks.

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