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Corporate Socialism

It will be interesting to see how much of a bloodbath the 2022 midterms will be. Is it just me or does it feel like we are always preparing for the next election nowadays here in NH? Let me share some interesting information with you, in regards to my loss for re-election to the Hampton Board of Selectmen a few weeks back. You see, when a strong-willed person goes up against the democrats, the republicans-in-name-only, black lives matter, antifa, the local chamber of commerce, and most local brainwashed idiots; there is a story there. Here in Hampton, the Area Chamber cabal likes to have a strong, local political voice, that voice usually includes whatever the current progressive narrative is or whatever Sununu is pushing.

Local politics in Hampton is incestuous to say the least and most elected here are either mere gofers to whatever is wanted by Concord or clueless. The current makeup of the Hampton board of selectmen include a retired teacher (pension) / sailboat instructor, a retired Hampton firefighter (Hampton pension) and paid executive at the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce, a former Hampton police chief (Hampton pension) and current Deputy Rockingham County Sheriff, and a Chamber business owner reliant on summer tourism efforts at Hampton Beach. Their relationship with Concord is a quid quo pro one, a deal not just for them but also their friends. We have the government overseeing the government here in Hampton. Back to the re-election attempt for a third term to the Hampton Board of Selectmen. The “good old boys” and their special interests did not like someone who spoke against the agenda that they were selling as “the truth.” Oddly enough, when I first ran back in 2016, this cabal fully supported my efforts, both as a candidate and individual. They all bragged about having new blood and a younger, independent voice on the board. You see, the chamber cabal all thought that they would be able to play me as they had so many other elected and appointed officials. Needless to say, they were thrown off, when after my first term, I began calling some of their BS political scams out. Now, I was the enemy. That was when I realized that the only reason the cabal initially supported me was because they wanted my opponent out, there was no other reason, because that selectman knew their shenanigans and publicly stated such. The chamber cabal does not like to be held accountable. This cabal has been spreading misinformation and lies about myself for about two years now. The slander campaign really started during my run for state senate in 2020, at that time, the cabal egged certain individuals and businesses to attack both my character and reputation. To this day, some of them still do. Did it work? Maybe. Do I care? No. All that combined with the organization of the democrats and the complacency of the republicans leaves us here. Non-government organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, and their entanglement in governmental affairs is inappropriate, I call it corporate socialism and it is a result of the politics coming out of Concord. For example, the passing of the recent budget in 2021 allowed the NH economic development fund commissioner to contract with such organizations, not limited to Chambers of Commerce and Regional Economic Development organizations. When did the people of NH consent to non-elected bodies to decide how NH taxpayer money be appropriated or expended? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. All this is happening right here in Hampton. This entanglement is destroying Hampton sovereignty, its character; these cabal guys only care about the payout. #barnes4nh

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