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Defending Our Republic: The Urgent Need for Election Integrity in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, with its proud tradition of civic engagement and democratic participation, finds itself at a crossroads. Recent developments have raised significant concerns about the integrity of our electoral process. Five election law complaints have been filed with the NH Department of Justice, each highlighting severe breaches that threaten the very foundation of our democratic system. As conservatives and committed citizens, it is our duty to scrutinize these issues and demand accountability to preserve the sanctity of our elections.

The Election Law Complaints: A Descriptive Summary

  1. Unsealed and Unattended Ballot Boxes: One complaint centers on ballot boxes found unsealed and unattended in Hampton before a scheduled recount. This blatant disregard for secure chain-of-custody protocols undermines voter confidence and raises serious questions about the validity of the election results. When ballot boxes are left vulnerable, the potential for tampering increases, casting a shadow over the entire electoral process.

  2. Improper Handling of Absentee Ballots: Another complaint alleges that absentee ballots were mishandled, with procedures not being followed correctly. Absentee ballots are a crucial component of our electoral system, especially for those unable to vote in person. Mishandling these ballots not only disenfranchises voters but also opens the door to potential fraud.

  3. Voter Registration Irregularities: Irregularities in voter registration processes have also been flagged. Inconsistent application of registration laws and verification processes can lead to ineligible voters casting ballots. Ensuring that only eligible citizens vote is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of our elections.

  4. Lack of Transparency in Election Procedures: Transparency is a cornerstone of a fair election. Complaints have been filed regarding the lack of transparency in election procedures and the refusal to provide public access to crucial information. Without transparency, the public cannot trust that the election process is fair and unbiased.

  5. Failure to Follow Recount Protocols: Lastly, there are accusations that recount protocols were not properly followed, which could lead to incorrect election outcomes. Recounts are essential for verifying results, and any deviation from established protocols can significantly undermine their reliability.

The Broader Implications: A Threat to the Republic of New Hampshire

The issues outlined in these complaints are not mere technicalities; they strike at the heart of our democratic process. Here’s why the lack of integrity in elections is a profound threat to New Hampshire:

  1. Erosion of Public Trust: When citizens believe that elections are neither free nor fair, trust in the entire system erodes. This skepticism can lead to decreased voter turnout, as people feel their votes do not matter.

  2. Potential for Fraud: Insecure and improperly handled election materials are an open invitation for fraud. Fraudulent elections undermine legitimate governance and can lead to policies that do not reflect the will of the people.

  3. Disenfranchisement: Mishandling of ballots and voter registration irregularities can result in eligible voters being disenfranchised. Every citizen’s vote is their voice in the government and losing that voice due to administrative failures is unacceptable.

  4. Undermining Rule of Law: The rule of law is a bedrock principle of conservatism. Election laws exist to ensure fair play and equal treatment. When these laws are ignored or inconsistently applied, it undermines the rule of law itself.

  5. Dangerous Precedents: Failure to address these issues sets a dangerous precedent. If electoral malpractices go unchecked, they are likely to be repeated, leading to a continual decline in election integrity.

Conclusion: Call to Action

As conservatives and active citizens, we must demand rigorous enforcement of election laws and accountability for those who fail to uphold them. The integrity of our elections is non-negotiable. We must ensure that every vote is counted accurately and that every election is conducted fairly. The future of our sovereignty depends on it.

The NH Department of Justice must take these complaints seriously and act swiftly to rectify these issues. Our state’s reputation and the trust of its citizens are at stake. We must stand united in the fight for electoral integrity, safeguarding live free or die values for future generations. Let us hold our elected officials accountable.

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