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False accusations, slander, and personal attacks in Hampton

Updated: Feb 13, 2022


Dear Editor,

As a candidate for re-election to local office here in Hampton, I feel it incumbent upon myself to be completely honest and informative for the brave Hampton voters this upcoming March.

With that said, let me fill you in on the effort to publicize several unsubstantiated claims that have been used as an attempt to disqualify myself as a competent public servant and smear my reputation. I am most positive this same effort will be resurfacing again soon, as the town election date approaches.

Back in September 2020, the Seacoast Chapter Director of Black Lives Matter was calling for my resignation as a selectman because of the erroneous claims supported by some locals labeling me as a racist. The chairman and rest of the board of selectmen were allowing this slander during public comment at the Selectmen meetings. All these claims were unsubstantiated and stemmed mostly from memes that I had shared on my own, personal social media pages.

I guess maybe it started with my run for state senate in 2020. However, the slander and smear campaign did not start until after I lost the 2020 primary. So that makes me believe that it is not just partisan politics but also the local cabal, who seem to be running the town. The entire effort seems to be convoluted.

44 years have gone by and up until last year, I have never been labeled as a racist. For those of you with concerns, I urge you to reach out and speak with me directly.

I am not a racist.

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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