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Hampton gets little to nothing from Concord

Dear editor,

August 26, 2021

$34 million in critical infrastructure needs as identified by Hampton Department of Public Works?

1. In 2019 Hampton paid $3.5 million to the county in taxes or 7.04% of total Rockingham County taxes collected. We are the fourth largest municipal taxpayer in the county. Perhaps the county budget should include a HB state park line item in the Sheriffs' budget. They are commonly used and funded through Hampton's police "outside services" budget line, why should the financial burden all fall on Hampton taxpayers' backs?

2. Hampton beach state park's meters pull in an average of $2.2 million a year for fiscal years 2015 - 2018. The NH state park transfered an average of $1.8 million out from revenues to fund statewide park services during those same fiscal years. I cannot give more up-to-date figures because NH state parks has not updated their site to include neither the 2019 nor the 2020 annual report on their website. Not very transparent, in my view.

Our state representatives and state senator seem to care more about party line politics and passing unconstitutional budgets that consist of more unelected decision makers; than Hampton's physical infrastructure needs. Most of these infrastructure needs support all visitors to as well as operations of the Hampton Beach State Park, which is owned by Concord.

The Concord corner office and his executive council have the "authority" to rectify these issues. When will it happen? When will Hampton taxpayers see some substantial financial support from the state towards their infrastructure, much of which supports the HB state park during the tourism season?

Hampton deserves grants from the state, federal money will entice many here in Hampton, but what will the federal strings attached to federal funding mean for Hampton and its character? Just looks at what happens when school districts are thrown federal grant dollars, teaching and its curriculums become federalized and politicized. Do we want that for the entire town?

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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