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Hampton, NH Flooding

Any area where FEMA goes becomes a "federal disaster," whether before, during, or after an actual disaster.

Always remember Ronald Reagan when he quipped,  "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help..."

The roadways on the west side of Ocean Blvd (Ashworth Ave, Kings Hwy, Winnacunnet Rd.) do not have proper drainage.  This has been known with discussed ways to solve it ongoing for decades.  During that time, greedy planning boards and developers have allowed the continuous filling in of the saltwater marsh land.  The number one purpose of a saltwater marsh is to drain the tidal waters.

As we know, Hampton flooding has drastically worsened over the past several years due to the higher density and all the fill that has been added, the water now has no place to go.  

We must remember that mother nature will do as she pleases, but stupid humans have added to the problem we have here in Hampton.   

Infiltration to the Hampton wastewater treatment facility has also drastically worsened because of these extreme flooding occurrences, rotting Hampton infrastructure adds to the problem.

Hampton adds millions to the state parks' coffers annually.  Coffers that is NOT subject to any accountability, in my view.  Hampton should not have to apply for a federal grant with FEMA that most likely will contain federal stipulations.  The state of NH should be funding the millions needed for flooding relief in Hampton and anywhere else in the State for that matter. 

Hampton representatives, including the selectmen should be securing these state funds as we speak.  

The state of NH transferred almost $700 million of their 2023 revenues to the education trust fund, in 2022 almost $686 million was transferred, so it can easily transfer $25 million from these same revenues to Hampton to address the flooding.

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