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Historical Marker "retired" in Bow, NH

The New Hampshire Historical Highway Marker Advisory Committee was created and convened in the summer of 2020 to complete a systematic review of existing markers for lack of historical context among other problems. Coordination with stakeholders to address the identified markers is ongoing. The Committee recognizes that the program must be more inclusive and must celebrate a broader understanding of New Hampshire’s history, places, and people. The historical marker program has evolved as our understanding of New Hampshire’s history and the interpretation of its history has changed to recognize the value and perspective of all stories. To that end, the Committee is working to compile a list of markers that warrant attention, to set priorities for which markers are highest importance for consideration, and to make recommendations for the treatment of these markers. The NHDHR will work with local partners and interested parties to identify the best course of action for addressing identified markers.

Why was this historical marker retired ??


Location: NH 3A & I-89


Who granted this appointed committee authority to "retire" any Historical Markers in NH?

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