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"Hit job" Hampton, NH Budget Committee

Dear editor,

In regards to the Hampton budget committee meeting on October, 19, 2021, the budget committee member who called it a "hit job," was absolutely correct. Anyone thinking otherwise needs to wake up, pay attention, and watch town meetings.

The elected committee now seems to have a chairman in place that will be easily persuaded by the Board of Selectmen representative and certain Selectmen's own self-interests.

Certain members of the selectman have been attempting to sunset the Hampton Budget Committee for awhile. These same men fooled me as a freshman selectman, I will never be fooled again. Last night those same selectman persuaded by their own special interests, rendered the committee powerless, by their planned "hit job."

Those who would rather listen to second-hand, lying by omission fairy tales rather than except and realize the truth will be what causes the complete demise to our wonderful community we all love and cherish.

I urge anyone who pays taxes, rents, lives, or visits Hampton to watch this meeting.

Live stream Hampton channel 22 at

Regina Barnes

Hampton, NH

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