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Jane Aitken - Bedford, NH 2/3/23 Letter regarding the "Special Committee on Housing"

Dear Reps Osborne, Sweeney, Alexander and Yokela,

Rep Osborne said: "I express my confidence in Deputy Majority Floor Leader Joe Alexander and the Special Committee on Housing. I fully expect that we will work together with our colleagues in the other party to find reasonable and realistic solutions to our State's housing crisis."

Did you know the Bolsheviks did the same thing and what the result was? Did you know that single-family zoning and local control is UNDER ATTACK? Did you know that certain businesses are being given our tax dollars and special tax breaks to help them make more profits? Did you know that stealing from some to pay for others is socialism? How is this GOOD REPUBLICAN POLICY???

You went on to say: "That being said, I was extremely concerned to hear a colleague on the other side of the aisle calling for the workers of the world to unite against our housing providers."

In this case they are correct. These developer cronies are not "providers" giving us anything for free, but stealing from the taxpayers. I suspect those who let them are likely getting big donations from the lobbies and housing organizations as a reward. Correct me if this is the wrong impression. But I do know that NO ONE IS SUBSIDIZING MY BUSINESS.

If the government is involved in expanding housing IT IS COMMUNISM no matter how you look at it. It is not their purview to pick and choose businesses to give handouts to in order to increase their profits or to dictate what kind or how much housing a town should allow. Bad enough they run healthcare?

You went on to say: "Furthermore, I applaud Deputy Majority Whip Aidan Ankarberg's work on HB110, prohibiting the use of state funds for new passenger rail projects. Granite Staters should not be forced to open their wallets to pay for massive infrastructure boondoggles that will only benefit certain individuals. I am sure that anyone who has had the displeasure of having to take the MBTA will assure you, it is not worth the time, frustration, or money to turn the Granite State into New Hampshire Station."

Yes we agree. Another boondoggle.

But I have news for you all. "Granite Staters should not be forced to open their wallets to pay for massive infrastructure boondoggles that will only benefit certain individuals".  However, that is exactly what it boils down to and what you are doing with these housing giveaways.

The NH Advantage depends on low taxes, low crime, and more jobs than people to fill them, which is MUCH more desirable than having too many people and not enough jobs....

Jane Aitken, Chair

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I am in the process of going over ALL LSRs to make sure I did not miss any that pertain to our towns and also looking up all the contact info for each of our 254 towns and cities so I can send them a warning I have prepared about what is happening about housing and how they are at risk. I already sent it to my own Planning Board here in Bedford. Luckily in some small towns the planners themselves are against all this.

Also, these republican quislings need your spanking, especially ones like Josh Yokela, Jeb Bradley, and others I have mentioned on FB who are in on this.

Otherwise I don't want to hear ONE WORD…



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Thank you for your response.

However, this is about developers overriding the  wishes of the towns,  not ordinary people looking for minor variances and such, which we have no problem with.

I purchased a home in a single-family neighborhood and do not expect that in the future, an apartment complex or multi-family unit will be allowed next door to me.

In case you don't know the history, certain developers have BRAGGED to me that they have Sununu "in their pockets" so that he will gladly make these moves to override town voters when it comes to how they want their towns to develop.

- Case in point is the failed HAB bill that was sneaked into…

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