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Let the ballot box game begin.

It is also time for Sununu amd the NH cabal to cash in on more pandemic fraud?

NH has the same election procedures in place that we did during the pandemic. There has been no real attempt to true up state election law since covid. Legislation was submitted that would of done so, however it was rejected by the political dynasties and their cronies on both side of the aisle. Not enough people in that statehouse ate willing to DO THEIR JOB.

Let's look quickly at HB1266 signed into "law" by Sununu back in 2020.

When the state was rewarded with election cares grant funding, there were specific requirements;

"CARES Award Instructions" document, this document was received as part of an informtation request to the NH Secretary of State.

On page 3 of the document "purpose & use of funds."  it details absentee voting expansion and temporary election protocols.  NH still has most if not all of these protocols in place!!

The CARES grant money was awarded to NH in April of 2020.  In July 2020, Sununu signed HB1266 into "law" regarding absentee ballots.  As noted on, HB1266 was passed via the senate and Sununu.  It does not even seem that the house concurred with passing this legislation.

That is huge problem!

Now, three weeks before the FITN presidential primary we have spiking cases in NH on the rise.

I truly hope NH is not stupid this time.

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Still uneducated, still unaware, still being flying monkeys, still stupid. Nothing new under the sun.

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