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Make the CIA & DIA Great Again

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Everyone needs to remember that General Mike Flynn is part of the military industrial complex. He was put in place, as the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director, by Obama.

We can all agree that the country was not secure during the Obama Administration, right? The CIA and DIA played a major role as to why that was the case.

What does the security of our nation under Obama say about the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Mike Flynn?

Mike Flynn endorsed General Don Bolduc who ran for NH US Senate both in 2020 and 2022. Bolduc won the primary in 2022, mostly because he stood with Trump and proclaimed at a US senate debate that the 2020 election was rigged. He gained MAGA support, and it boosted him up.

After winning the 2022 primary, a day or two later on Fox, he back tracked and stated that both Joe Biden and the 2020 election were legitimate.

Now General Bolduc is campaigning for Nikki Haley. Anyone but Trump.

Flynn and Bolduc used Trump to leverage themselves and they are not the only ones, especially here in NH. Bolduc lost and, in my view, Flynn will lose along with all the other phonies.


Please take the time to read this,

October 2023 Imprimis

A publication of Hillsdale College

By: Charles S. Faddis

"Why is that? Why is an organization staffed with highly talented people and provided with unparalleled resources failing to perform its core functions?"

"There are two reasons: bureaucratization and politicization."

"In short, the Director of Central Intelligence had injected himself into a domestic political dispute, covering for a blatant lie concocted by the administration. He did so, presumably, because he believed that Secretary of State Clinton would become the next president and that he would be named to a senior post in her administration. Interestingly, when Clinton lost in 2016, Morell was given a post with a six-figure annual salary at a Washington think tank aligned with the Democratic Party."

"The structure of the CIA must be flattened and simplified. The organization must be field-centric. It is not the job of those in the field to wait for people in Langley to finish rounds of meetings and reviews before moving. It is the job of people in Langley to keep up. Anything and everything that impedes those in the field in the accomplishment of their missions must be eliminated."

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