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Mike Gill and the Bedford PD Top Secret Meeting

Gill names the names several years ago.

Money & drug trafficking runs NH

  • Dick Anagnost

  • Ted Gatsas

  • Bill Shaheen

  • Jerry Little

  • Chris Sununu

  • Andy Sanborn

  • Eddie Edwards

  • Alex Walker

  • Andy Crews

  • Chief Bryfonski, Bedford PD

  • El Chapo

Heroine & fentanyl distribution

  • Dunkin Donuts

  • Granite State Recovery

  • Hells Angel's

  • The Gold Club, Bedford

  • Catholic Medical Center

  • Elliot Hospital

  • The Copper Door, Bedford

  • NH Banking Dept.

  • Russian influences

  • Autofair

  • NH prisons

  • State liquor stores

  • The DEA

  • HUD

  • Primary Bank "the Drug Bank"

"NH death per capita, highest in the nation"

"For 30 years, NH Attorney Generals have come from the same law firm"


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I am completely shocked at Eddie Edwards name on this list.

Replying to

You have to watch the video

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