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More Concord Housing Tyranny

From Jane Aitken in Bedford:

Regarding the below statement from NH house Leader Osborne

On Tuesday, House Majority Leader Jason Osborne, R-Auburn, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Lynn, R-Windham, released a joint statement after the House passed HB347-FN, establishing a superior court land-use review docket.

“This bill will not only reduce the backlog of land use cases that currently exists, but will provide many economic benefits for local boards, property owners and developers,” Osborne said in the release.

Osborne is listed on the AIER website, where Sorens now works, as a voting member of AIER governance.

People believe you are simply working for lobbyists such as BOB CLEGG who work for the building industry. This is not a good look.

Sorens himself  is the founder of the Free State Project and although most are conservative, he is a "Free State socialist".

Allowing the State to override the will of the people who vote in their individual towns is CENTRAL PLANNING. Central planning is communism.

Is this really what you want? What's in it for you both?

Perhaps you should EDUCATE YOURSELVES about what the BOLSHEVIKS did historically with this issue.

Jane Aitken, Chair

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