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Nazi Germany in NH

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

October 13, 2021, Executive Council Meeting

I remember thinking walking into the Executive Council meeting on October 13, 2021 "something felt wrong."

The room was arranged so that Governor Sununu and the council were sectioned off from the public, not only that, but state officials were also sectioned off.

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance as usual; you might say that the patriotic crowd recited the pledge with passion and enthusiasm, it was clear that the governor did not like it. He warned the public that the meeting must be orderly as they had official business to attend to, blah, blah, blah.

Throughout the meeting there were several boos and hoorays, and this caused Sununu to warn us all again that outbursts would not be tolerated. It was then that the state troopers started to form around us. The public was arranged in three sections made up of several rows and, at the end of each row there was a stationed state trooper, a ploy of attempted intimidation. We later found out after the arrests were made that several dozens more troopers were stationed behind a curtain that was at the back of where the public was sitting and standing. They were ready to arrest all of us if so, ordered by Governor Sununu.

While observing the meeting, just prior to the arrests, I observed that Sununu was texting on his phone, and shortly thereafter, happen to look back over my shoulder and see a trooper approach Frank Staples and Terese Grinnell. Words were exchanged and then both Frank and Terese got up and were led out of the room by troopers. At that time, Marilyn Todd cried out, "Why are you arresting them", and at that time both Marilyn and AJ Todd were arrested. Marilyn while holding her young child.

After that, the other arrests happened almost immediately.

While many were focused on the people getting arrested for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON, I looked over at the Governor and EC and actually saw Sununu smirking. I believe at least one independent media source got the smirking on video.

The arrests at the October 13, 2021, Executive Council Meeting were completely out of line and without justification. In NH, the Governor controls the state police and is the only one that could have ordered those unlawful arrests. This form of tyranny in our live free or die state deserves immediate removal from office at the very least.

The meeting that day resembled something you may have seen in Nazi Germany back in the 1930's.

It is completely appalling how many state office candidates, state elected officials, and employees of the state sat back and made not a peep about these bogus arrests, even to this day.

Anyone who condoned this day by not speaking out about the unjustified arrests should be considered complicit and the penalty should be either removal from office, or if an employee of the state, termination.

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