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NH current housing happenings

Thank you Jane Aitken.

"...selected articles from the planner's mailing list. Note: Got a call from Sugar Hill resident who I have added to this private email. The planners have invited in someone from Vermont to redo the Sugar Hill master plan. We all know how that can work out. Residents MUST take an interest in this else their towns may not look like they want them to look in the future."


NH OPD's News and Events: 





Why Aren’t There More Planners?-  (we need less not more)

(Lancaster NH is about to be invaded by apartment  buildings)


Analysis shows New Hampshire is ranked 10th priciest state in which to buy a home (this is a good thing -- have you checked your home's value lately?)


DegliAngeli: Times, they are a-changing in Conway (as if Conway isn't bad enough?)


Public hearing held on adopting statute to allow Manchester TIF district (I have never really grasped what  a TIF district is... can anyone explain in more understandable terms?)


The Bedford Residents Assn (a Bedford taxpayer group that was formed in 2018)  containing information and updates regarding the attempts of the state to take over planning and zoning and require towns to build certain types of dwellings whether they want them or not. The turning point was the creation of the Housing Appeals Board (HAB) which now has the tyrannical authority to turn upside-down any decision by any board in your town including the conservation commission and school board. We also helped defeat HB 44 which would have allowed your neighbor to chop up his home into four units in a SF zone with municipal sewer and water. We now have over a dozen towns on board and hopefully as more towns are considering incrementally eradicating single family zoning, people will get on board and get educated.

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