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NH housing tyranny

What the NH state senate is up to in regards to housing.


SB400 - House & Municipal County Committee hearing 4.7.22

Regina Barnes - testimony opposing SB400

What is wrong with SB400:

SB 400 and the current Housing Appeals Board is NOT about local zoning which is voted on by the people of each local government

SB 400 grants unelected boards in Concord authority to override locally elected boards at the municipal level

SB 400 is the dangerous partnership between government and private business because it gives developers our tax dollars to build low income/high density housing and then rewards them with 10 years of tax-free status, putting the extra burden of new services needed on the single-family homeowners

SB400 aligns with the basic goals of Obama/Biden AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act)

SB 400 is an attack on single-family home ownership under the guise of ‘equality’, regionalism is communism and something out of the Bolshevik era

SB 400 will cause housing prices for SF homes to go UP not down

SB 400 is the mark of the 'new feudalism’

SB 400 is an expedited path for developers in the court process

SB 400 provides additional levers for attorneys to use against planning boards

SB 400 will amend the legal definition of “public use”, item 5 of this section redefines the construction of private houses as public use

SB 400 grants more authority to unelected concord bureaucrats

SB 400 in conjunction with the already unconstitutional Housing Appeals Board will cause the demise of what is left of state / municipal sovereignty

SB 400 grants authority to the Office of Planning and Development to determine preferential access to state resources. How is this fair to rural towns that choose not to urbanize? Shouldn’t all of the state have equal access to state resources? Please vote against this bill to preserve the unity of the state’s rural towns and cities.

Who should control developers; the municipality or a state appointed board?

The Senate failed by passing this bill onto the House, let us hope that the house will kill it on arrival.

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