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NH is a police state run by special interests, it has corrupt courts, and Mike Gill is Right.

Chuck Morse for Governor was recently bragging about being at the Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards celebration.

Here in the photo we have former colonel of the NH state police Robert Quinn, now NH dept. Of safety appointed by Sununu and former District 24 State Senator Nancy Stiles, now chairman of the HB Area Commission (made up of local and state special interest groups).

Also in attendance at the event was Richard Sawyer, former Hampton PD chief and current chairman of the Hampton selectmen. He also serves as Sheriff Massahos' #2 guy for Rockingham County.

A little history, I grew up in Hampton and thought Bobby Quinn was one of the best cops we had around. As Colonel, he was right over the bridge in Seabrook Beach. Under Quinn and former Hampton PD Chief Wren, we always had plenty of state police support on HB. Not the case today.

Public figures such as Morse, Quinn, Stiles, and Sawyer have completely lost my respect. The reason? They have compromised local NH sovereignty for their own greed.

How do they do it?

Kelly Ayotte is another one.

One last tidbit regarding Hampton chamber cabal corruption, thanks to X patriot comrade @letshearthetruth for pointing this out;

One Liberty Lane East , Hampton, NH- New Hampshire Trust Council - Glenn Perlow-Jordan Park Trust - Red Granite Reality MD which shares same name as Ghislaine Maxwell's NH "Granite Reality"?

Perhaps NH should ask Mike Gill WHY?!?!


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