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NH is a State of Corruption

Time to follow Mike Gill and learn the truth about money laundering, drug laundering, and human trafficking in the state.

Quote from NH's own Mike Gill, State of Corruption on YouTube and Truth Social:

"This is how stupid they think you are. The guy opening casinos to launder billions in drug money is the only guy who opened a bank in 8 years. The same guy who owns drug treatment centers. The guy who owns pharmacies and hospitals. Tell me do they have drugs? So, we have drug distribution, money laundering, and a place to hide the money. Our banking commissioner Jerry Little as a State Senator passed a bill. "If the banking commissioner trusts you, then no audit." A get out of jail free card for a corrupt banking commissioner. Then Little becomes the banking commissioner with Sununu's help. Sununu then becomes the gatekeeper of the laundering network for his theft and the cartels' blood money. Then he becomes Governor because he does control the laundry. The keys he took from Shaheen who built the network. They both are best friends with Anangost. Sununu in every casino picture and treatment center. Shaheen the proud lawyer for the cartel. The two crime families that control your state. They own the courts and appoint the judges. They hire the AG and the office of cover up and extortion. Law enforcement corrupt and owned at all levels. All your politicians are in the club. That is why they have been fixing elections for decades. I've told you this for years and now you are ground zero for money laundering with 932 billion in the pandora papers. The same ground zero with opioids with the treatment centers overflowing and people living in tents. Guess what? The cartel owns the treatment centers and family transitioning. The last thing they take from you is hope. Tell your children that one person did not take their money and has survived three murder attempts."

Mike Gill

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