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Dear Reps Osborne, Sweeney, Alexander and Yokela,

Rep Osborne said: "I express my confidence in Deputy Majority Floor Leader Joe Alexander and the Special Committee on Housing. I fully expect that we will work together with our colleagues in the other party to find reasonable and realistic solutions to our State's housing crisis."

Did you know the Bolsheviks did the same thing and what the result was? Did you know that single-family zoning and local control is UNDER ATTACK? Did you know that certain businesses are being given our tax dollars and special tax breaks to help them make more profits? Did you know that stealing from some to pay for others is socialism? How is this GOOD REPUBLICAN POLICY???


Message from Jane:

This may be premature but I wanted you to know that Senate Bill 231-FN is currently in Senate Finance Cmte.

When it crosses over, we are not sure if it will go to HOUSE FINANCE or HOUSE MUNI.

Wherever it lands, and whatever the committee recommends, I hope you have the good common sense to VOTE NO and stop sending this much of OUR TAX DOLLARS to chosen businesses to help them make better profits while violating the wishes of the people of the towns of NH.

This is NOT local control.

This is THEFT.

Jane Aitken

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