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Questions to Hampton Town Clerk


Dear Editor,

I am looking for responses to the below 4 questions regarding the Hampton Voter Checklist, the 2020 election day ballots cast, and certain comments made at last Thursday's (12/2/21) budget committee meeting. This request was submitted to the Hampton Town Clerk Monday evening December 6, 2021.

1. Please explain the reasoning why individuals with a Seabrook mailing address would be included on the town of Hampton voter checklist? The Hampton voter integrity group found this to be, in at least two separate cases. Both found cases, the individuals were shown on the checklist as inhabiting Thornton Street in Seabrook, but the signatures were collected from individuals living on Thorwald Street in Hampton? Please explain why this would be the case.

2. The Hampton voter integrity group discovered a discrepancy in total ballots cast for Hampton. According to the TOH website and the machine tapes provided as part of a NH Voter Integrity 91A request, there were 11,520 ballots cast on Election Day 2020. But if you look at what is filed with the NH secretary of state, total ballots cast are reported as 11,703, or a difference of 183. Please explain this discrepancy.

3. Please provide the documentation that ridding the town of voting machines adopted on a trial basis, and returning to hand counts of paper ballots will cost the town more money? The effort would definitely take more election day volunteers, I would argue that is a healthy direction for the town to move toward anyway. Perhaps this effort would intrigue more inhabitants to become involved in town elections? Did you know that there are some in the state, that have estimated the cost per ballot would be significantly less if there was a return to hand counting all ballots? Ballots which did not have to be read by a machine and potentially even ballots that include a watermark.

4. Please provide the last time when the town of Hampton took all physical paper ballots, hand counted them, and compared those totals to the machine tape printouts?

Some of us living in this town are simply looking for a little accountability. After six years of being elected in this town, I trust very few. Former and current sitting elected officials in Hampton who are talking about trust are not doing their job. The job is to hold all town staff, employees, departments, fellow board members, anyone having to do with any act of the town, accountable. That is the job, when that is not happening, we have a problem.

Thank you and I would appreciate your cooperation with these matters,

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