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Recent misstatements made by Hampton, NH Selectmen regarding property valuation & voting machines.

"All men are born equally free and independent; Therefore, all government of right originates from the people, is founded in consent, and instituted for the general good."

-- Part I [Art.] 1 of the NH Constitution.

First, regarding the upcoming townwide property revaluation; it was stated at the November 27, 2023 public Hampton Board of a Selectmen meeting that the upcoming “statistical update was within the Selectmen’s "constitutional authority".  It was also priorly noted at a public meeting that a statistical update was in essence the same as a revaluation.  Both those statements are not factual. 

The Constitutional Authority is outlined in Part II [Art.] 6. Valuation and Taxation which states; “And there shall be a valuation of the estates within the state taken anew once in every five years, at least, and as much oftener as the general court shall order.”


The definition of estate is “One’s property, both real and personal, vested, and contingent, especially as disposed of in a will.”

The definition of anew “Over again; another time; in a new form; afresh.”


Even the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration defines a full revaluation and a statistical update differently.


There is no caveat mentioned regarding statistical updates, included within the NH State Constitution Part II [Art.] 6.


Second, the purchase of new voting machines, it was stated at the November 27, 2023 public Hampton Board of a Selectmen meeting that the selectmen had the authority to purchase new voting machines.  This statement is also not factual.  The states use of electronic ballot counting devices as “adopted” under the color of the law, by NH RSA 656:40 is repugnant to the NH constitution, as it has not been ratified by the people of NH.


Both these items have not used the constitutional amendment processes outlined in Part II (Art.) 100. Alternate Methods of Proposing Amendments which states; "Each constitutional amendment proposed by the general court or by a constitutional convention shall be submitted to the voters by written ballot at the next biennial November election and shall become a part of the Constitution only after approval by two thirds of the qualified voters present and voting on the subject in the towns, wards, and unincorporated places.”

There has been no proper constitutional amendment made to neither Part II Art 6 regarding valuation and taxation nor to Part II Art 32 regarding the counting and sorting of votes.


Both the 2024 revaluation results as well as the future use of any voting machines should not be considered by the people of Hampton, as both are repugnant to the NH Constitution.

What is happening in your NH town regarding property revaluations and voting machines?

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