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Statewide Action Item - Help Mike Gill

NH patriots just need one patriot in every town and city in NH to file a single 91A request (the NH right-to-know law) otherwise referred to as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  This request comes from NH's own nationwide whistleblower, Mike Gill (see a recent video)

Mr. Gill urges all Americans to file a FOIA with their Secretary of State office as well as with their local town/city government body.  This FOIA will request a governmental recording of all the trusts, LLCs, and financial institutions that exist and/or operate in their respective town/city.

Below is a template for ANYONE to use, I would recommend having it notarized (space at the bottom) and sending it both certified mail to recipients.

Template will be available at

Sent Hampton out today 5/5/23.

Let's ALL help Mike Gill find out where the corrupt state of NH government is DOING THEIR LAUNDRY!!!

We the People are the ONLY ones that can save the LIVE FREE OR DIE!

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2 comentários

We can easily obtain these lists, should be done ASAP before Mike goes back to congress. No more waiting ...


The town of Hampton has responded to the 91A with a complete property listing showing address and LLC / trust name. I'm still reviewing the list. Please stay tuned...

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