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PATRIOTS MUST SIGN THIS! Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch USSC Docket #22-859 argued on 11/29/2023

Updated: Mar 1

Track records matter.

"Please take notice that as agency workers, state judges, presiding judges, state legislators, etc. that youu are bound by the Constitutions that you have all sworn to uphold, and from this time forward please be advised that taking children, cars, houses, weapons, rights, property, etc. without a trial by jury in a court of record following the course of the common law is unlawful. Please also take further notice that attorneys, who don't have their name on the line, as they are not in positions of service and contract with the people, presenting you with the idea that's it acceptable to trample the people's rights by device or artifice doesnot in any way remove your responsibility for your wrongdoings.

Furthermore, there is another element of wrong being committed when you are working in a federal program and make money outside of your normal salary for carrying out the functions of the program, leaving one with unclean hands, on top of taking property rights from the people without right!

All past cases that bypassed the common law are unlawful. Therefore, it is my immediate demand, wish, and order that you restore all that has been unlawfully taken without constitutionally mandated due process, and notify all those who were harmed, or you agree that any wrong that is done in this regard in the future, or has not been corrected from past trespasses, is done purposely, with full knowledge, intent and malice, and will be recognized as such by the People, whom you swore to serve and protect.

This notice is sent to you in the peace and love of Jesus Christ, that you may repent and do works worthy of the same."


Scalia sounds the alarm on common law grand juries and the jury system in general.

The SCOTUS defines the word income.

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