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The attack on NH's suburbs continued

Message from Jane Aitken,

Congress for New Urbanism (CNU)'s Duany trained Brian Wright, the leader of Town Planning amd Urban Design Collaborative (TPUDC), the  group that was hired to rewrite our Bedford Master Plan.

Who is Duany? CNU was founded by a CUBAN communist named Andrés Duany. He believes that no residents should have any say in any housing decisions or the planning of their towns and cities.

Editor's note:

Vermont recently became the latest state to eliminate exclusive single family zoning statewide.

Municipalities must allow duplexes anywhere single family homes are allowed.

In areas served by sewer and water, municipalities must allow multiunit dwellings with four or fewer units to be a permitted use.

The housing reform law was kick-started by Project for Code reform work with CNU.​


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