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The Sneaky State Senate

Did you know that the following NH “sneaky” state senators were re-selected during the 2022 midterm selection?

Kevin Avard

Regina Birdsell

Jeb Bradley

Sharon Carson

Bill Gannon

James Gray

Denise Ricciardi

Ruth Ward

Did you know that the above mentioned re-selected Republican senators, in prior term, have.

· Established the Department of Energy, to assist the public utilities commission to carry out regulatory or adjudicated functions with regards to energy and utilities in the state as part of the budget.

· Established the NH economic development fund, which is administered by the Commissioner of business and economic affairs. The budget bill allows the commissioner to contract with such organizations, not limited to Chambers of Commerce and Regional Economic Development organizations as part of the budget.

· Established the granite state paid family leave plan was also included as part of the budget

· Amended both the most recent budget bill and other existing house bills with their previously failed senate bills.

· Supported changing the term of county officers in Rockingham County ONLY, from 2 years to 4 years.

The Sneaky State Senate has been successful at growing the state government bureaucracy without the consent of, we the NH people. Their political careers need to be put to an end finally.

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