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The Southern Border & NH crickets

The below email was sent to Governor Sununu's office on April 4, 2021; still no response from his office or the Boston public affairs office, still NO response: Good evening Honorable Governor Christopher Sununu, Some personal concerns I have about what appears to be a significant crisis at the southern border:

  • Why am I not seeing any coverage on what is happening at the border on NH main stream media? It almost feels as if the "powers to be" are trying to "cover it up?"

  • The migrants at the border, are in essence "undocumented." I have learned that they have already infiltrated into some southern communities, some are positive for COVID. They have been able to cross the border into our country without any vetting or COVID screening. Also, I have heard that the drug cartels are "renting" some of the children to "look better" when they cross the border.

  • Will NH be one of their destinations? Are you aware whether our state government has been persuaded to accept undocumented migrants into our communities here in NH?

  • Are you aware whether or not certain NH special interests will be pushing to use these migrants for cheap summer labor?

  • If migrants are accepted into NH, will they be screened for COVID? NH is currently trying to vaccinate every citizen in this state, if migrants come to NH, will they all be vaccinated?

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