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The unelected.


1. "To prevent what happened during the Covid pandemic from happening again, Congress must address the concentration of power over long periods of time in the hands of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats."

"For a long time, even we in the U.S. Senate didn’t know that Kadlec headed the gain-of-function screening committee because of the pervasive secrecy throughout our government. The makeup of the committee is a secret, its deliberations are secret, and those on the committee do not like answering questions asked by the American people’s elected leaders in Congress." - Rand Paul Dec. 2023

Donald Trump February 2020 CPAC speech.  Go to 22:40 when the President speaks about the lying press and the 2020 China virus.

2. All about the money.

3. How can everyone help Mike Gill?

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