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Trump Tuesday in Windham, NH

Notes of concern related to NH "dignitaries" and Trump's 8/8/23 NH rally:

  1. NH booked a Trump rally in a venue without any air conditioning, in August.  The room was about 100 degrees, Donald Trump brought that up a few times during his speech.  NH "dignitaries" did not have enough common sense to leave a bottle of water up at the podium for him.

  2. Those in We The People lines escorted disabled & Veterans personally! Made sure they got in before us by demanding Secret Service escort through the doors! The VIP line tossed disparaging remarks toward their own fellow teamsters battling against each other to be the first in.

  3. NH RINO, fed fund loving, former state senate president, and current NH gubernatorial candidate Chuck Morse was in attendance trying to fool all God loving patriots that were there.

God bless NH and God bless President Donald J. Trump.

Here are some quick videos from the day.

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