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Unauthorized omnibus bills in NH

Dear Committee of Conference members:

Please kill HB1661 as amended by the senate. A bill "relative to regional career technical education agreements, an appropriation for preliminary work for a new legislative parking garage, health and human services, establishing an extraordinary need grant for schools, the release of a defendant pending trial, training and procedures for zoning and planning

boards, and financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development." This omnibus bill includes the following:

  • regional career and technical education center agreements" or "RCTEAS" to govern each regional career and technical education receiving and sending school entity within a New Hampshire career and technical education (CTE)

  • the sum of $9,350,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, is hereby appropriated to the department of administrative services for the purpose of preliminary design, engineering, and site work for a new legislative parking garage on the site of the department of justice building located at 33 Capitol Street and for moving and leasing costs for relocating the department of justice.

  • establishes a special Fund for Administration of Opioid Treatment Programs

  • the department of health and human services, division of long term supports and services, shall implement a pilot program to provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities, between 18 and 21 years of age, who are enrolled in school and determined eligible for developmental services that are not the responsibility of the local education agency, another state agency, or another division of the department. This includes an appropriation of $2.8 million

  • amends the state's Medicaid plan to include the ability to accept federal matching funds

  • amends the Childhood Protection Act

  • amends Alternative Treatment Centers, Requirements

  • establishes positions for Inpatient Treatment of Children’s Behavioral Health

  • defines the purposes for a Child Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Facility

  • amends Child Day Care Licensing

  • amends Bail and Recognizances; Release of a Defendant Pending Trial

  • establishes training and procedures for local zoning and planning boards

  • amends the legal definition of "public use" to include the construction of private houses

  • establishes the Community Revitalization Tax Relief: Duration of Tax Relief Period for projects that meet the definition of workforce housing, and

  • establishes extraordinary Need Grants for Schools.

While the state senate amending an existing house bill to include non-germane special interest pork is unacceptable, it sadly seems to be the norm. Please end this nonsense. This bill includes housing legislation that aligns with the basic goals of Obama/Biden Affirmatively Furthering Housing Act (AFFH). This part of the bill would be an attack on single-family home ownership under the guise of ‘equality’, regionalism is communism and something out of the Bolshevik era, it will cause housing prices for single family homes to go UP not down, it will be the mark of the 'new feudalism’, it will be an expedited path for developers in the court process, as well as provide additional levers for attorneys to use against local planning boards. Please kill this bill at your conference tomorrow, it is not authorized by the people and is repugnant to the NH state constitution, it must go. Thank you, Regina Barnes Hampton, NH

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