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Upcoming NH legislation

Housing Activist Jane Aitken needs our help. We the people must also communicate our messages to our local governing bodies and land use boards!

Search on the page for key words like housing, workforce, rent, units, etc. or any other issue of concern. I totally missed the rent control one. I did already send out info on SB 231 (a real doozy. costing $65M!) and HB 44 which seem to be the worst, maybe except for the land use court which is like another HAB!

Here is the link:

These are the bills I've singled out so far.... some are only of concern to CNHT so you can ignore those if you want, others important to town groups like BRA.

I've noted SUPPORT, OPPOSE or UNSURE and below those, some that I never got to review which likely now have bill numbers. If they are assigned, it will be noted on that page with a link to the bill's text.


OPPOSE HCR1 - 2023-0275 - Title: a resolution applying for a convention of the states under Article V of the Constitution of the United States.

Sponsors: (Prime) JD Bernardy , Scott Wallace, Brandon Phinney, Deborah Hobson, Tom Ploszaj, Susan Porcelli, Claudine Burnham, James Connor, Kelley Potenza

HouseState-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs


OPPOSE HB40 - 2023-0038 - Title: relative to domicile residency, voter registration, and investigation of voter verification letters, and relative to the terms "resident," "inhabitant," "residence," and "residency." Sponsors: (Prime) Timothy Horrigan , David Preece, Loren Selig

HouseElection Law


OPPOSE HB44 - 2023-0084 - Title: relative to permissible residential units in a residential zone. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca McWilliams , David Preece, Julie Gilman, Josh Yokela

HouseMunicipal and County Government


OPPOSE HB64 - 2023-0185 - Title: requiring the commission on demographic trends to consider data on race and ethnicity for the purpose of increasing racial and ethnic diversity in New Hampshire. Sponsors: (Prime) Eric Gallager , Timothy Horrigan

HouseExecutive Departments and Administration


OPPOSE HB151 - 2023-0224 - Title: establishing a committee to study the issue of unmarried cohabitants, domestic partnerships, and common law marriage.

Sponsors: (Prime) Jim Maggiore , David Watters, Kate Murray, Cindy Rosenwald, Peggy Balboni

HouseChildren and Family Law


OPPOSE HB192 - 2023-0403 - Title: relative to the rate and exemptions of the interest and dividends tax. Sponsors: (Prime) Susan Almy

HouseWays and Means


OPPOSE SB231 - 2023-1009 - Title: establishing a historic housing tax credit and making appropriations for workforce housing and affordable housing.

Sponsors: (Prime) Daniel Innis , Jeb Bradley, David Watters, Donna Soucy, Regina Birdsell, Joe Alexander, Shannon Chandley, Cindy Rosenwald, Suzanne Prentiss, Rebecca Whitley, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Timothy Lang, Sherry Gould


SUPPORT HB10 - 2023-0093 - Title: establishing the parental bill of rights. Sponsors: (Prime) Sherman Packard , Debra DeSimone, Laurie Sanborn, Steven Smith, Jason Osborne, John Potucek, Deborah Hobson, Paul Terry, Mark Alliegro, Jeffrey Greeson

HouseChildren and Family Law


SUPPORT HB15 2023 - 0118 - Title: relative to the rate of the business enterprise tax. Sponsors: (Prime) Jeanine Notter , Sherman Packard, Steven Smith, Jason Osborne, James Spillane, Leonard Turcotte, Maureen Mooney, Judy Aron, Robert Healey, Erica Layon

HouseWays and Means


SUPPORT HB51 - 2023-0081 - Title: relative to requiring towns and school districts use warrant articles for lobbying agents. Sponsors: (Prime) Ralph Boehm, Alicia Lekas

HouseMunicipal and County Government


SUPPORT HB54 - 2023-0123 - Title: relative to antique car inspections.

Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett , Steven Smith, Judy Aron, Leah Cushman



SUPPORT HB100 - 2023-0151 - Title: to repeal the interest and dividends tax.

Sponsors: (Prime) John Janigian , Kenneth Weyler, Karen Umberger, Laurie Sanborn, Fred Doucette, Jason Osborne, Tina Harley, Daryl Abbas

HouseWays and Means


SUPPORT HB101 - 2023-0117 - Title: relative to requiring voters declare a party affiliation prior to a state primary election. Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Moffett, Joseph Guthrie

Next/Last Comm: HouseElection Law

Next/Last Hearing: 01/10/2023 at 01:00 PM LOB Room 306-308


SUPPORT HB110 - 2023-0085 - Title: prohibiting the use of state funds for new passenger rail projects. Sponsors: (Prime) Aidan Ankarberg , Jess Edwards, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, Jonathan Smith, Erica Layon

HousePublic Works and Highways


SUPPORT HB149 - 2023-0252 - Title: relative to the handling of requests made under the right-to-know law.Sponsors: (Prime) Marjorie Smith , Peter Schmidt, Charlotte DiLorenzo



SUPPORT HB170 - 2023-0513 - Title: requiring the teaching of cursive handwriting and multiplication tables. Sponsors: (Prime) Deborah Hobson , Rick Ladd, Alicia Lekas, Katelyn Kuttab, Lorie Ball

Next/Last Comm: HouseEducation

Next/Last Hearing: 01/11/2023 at 02:00 PM LOB Room 205-207


SUPPORT HB185 - 2023-0366 - Title: relative to the determination of parental rights and responsibilities based on shared parenting and shared access to the child's records. Sponsors: (Prime) Lisa Post , John Potucek, Kevin Avard, Jess Edwards, Ruth Ward, Candace Moulton, Paul Terry, Jim Kofalt, Tina Harley, Yury Polozov, Kristine Perez, Susan Porcelli

HouseChildren and Family Law


SUPPORT HB198 - 2023-0263 - Title: modifying the new resident drivers' license transfer requirement. Sponsors: (Prime) Andrew Prout , Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, Len Turcotte, Brian Seaworth, Dan Hynes, Kevin Verville, Tony Lekas, Aidan Ankarberg, Timothy Lang



SUPPORT HB200 - 2023-0471 - Title: relative to choice of counselor to evaluate a child in family court proceedings.Sponsors: (Prime) Frances Nutter-Upham , Charles McMahon, Michael Vose, Kevin Avard, Walter Stapleton, Gerri Cannon, Gary Merchant, Paul Terry, Oliver Ford, JD Bernardy

ext/Last Comm: HouseChildren and Family Law

Next/Last Hearing: 01/10/2023 at 01:45 PM LOB Room 206-208


UNSURE HB46 - 2023-0173 - Title: relative to the appointment of magistrates and repealing the statutes governing bail commissioners.

Sponsors: (Prime) Linda Harriott-Gathright , Steve Shurtleff, Alexis Simpson, Chris True, Charlotte DiLorenzo, Matthew Wilhelm, David Meuse, Tony Lekas, Cindy Rosenwald

HouseCriminal Justice and Public Safety


UNSURE HB204 - 023-0495 - Title: relative to non-academic surveys in schools.

Sponsors: (Prime) Mike Belcher




2023-0135 HB Title: establishing a superior court land use review docket.

Sponsors: (Prime) Bob Lynn , Peter Leishman, Mark McLean, Jason Osborne, Benjamin Baroody, Jess Edwards, Joe Alexander, Jim Maggiore, Ben Ming, Bill Boyd

2023-0043 HB Title: relative to the municipal planning master plan.

Sponsors: (Prime) Laurel Stavis , Latha Mangipudi, David Preece, Rosemarie Rung, Jim Maggiore, Eric Gallager

2023-0291 HB Title: relative to accessory dwelling unit uses allowed by right. Sponsors: (Prime) Ellen Read

2023-0604 HB Title: relative to proposing a constitutional convention.

Sponsors: (Prime) Jodi Newell

2023-0674 HB Title: relative to the collection of sales taxes of foreign jurisdictions by New Hampshire businesses. Sponsors: (Prime) Michael Harrington

2023-0626 HB Title: relative to out-of-state college students voting.

Sponsors: (Prime) Sandra Panek , Jeffrey Tenczar, Lisa Mazur

2023-0648 HB Title: relative to taxation of capital gain, interest and dividend income. Sponsors: (Prime) Richard Ames

2023-0658 HR Title: relative to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sponsors: (Prime) Jason Gerhard

2023-0660 HB Title: relative to required education for zoning board of adjustment members. Sponsors: (Prime) Travis Corcoran

2023-1045 SB Title: relative to New Hampshire housing champion designation for municipalities. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-1048 SB Title: relative to housing opportunity zones. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-0787 SB Title: relative to the town council-town manager form of local government. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-0830 SB Title: relative to New Hampshire workforce training programs.

Sponsors: (Prime) David Watters

2023-0883 SB Title: relative to annual grants to regional development corporations. Sponsors: (Prime) Carrie Gendreau

2023-0885 SB Title: relative to amending the commission to evaluate the effectiveness and future of the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Program.

Sponsors: (Prime) Jeb Bradley

2023-0977 SB Title: relative to subdivision regulations on the completion of construction. Sponsors: (Prime) Daniel Innis

2023-0984 SB Title: establishing a commission to study barriers to increased density of residential development in New Hampshire. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-0990 SB Title: enabling municipalities to adopt a tax credit for qualified private community property owners. Sponsors: (Prime) Kevin Avard

2023-1010 SB Title: relative to the annual dues paid by towns and cities to town officers' associations. Sponsors: (Prime) Regina Birdsell

023-1045 SB Title: relative to New Hampshire housing champion designation for municipalities. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-1048 SB Title: relative to housing opportunity zones. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

2023-0787 SB Title: relative to the town council-town manager form of local government. Sponsors: (Prime) Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

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