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Update on Right-to-Know Violation Case in Hampton, New Hampshire

Updated: May 27

Greetings, fellow citizens. It's Thursday, May 23rd, 2024, and today I took a significant step in our ongoing quest for transparency and accountability in local government. This morning, I filed a request with the Rockingham County Superior Court seeking relief for a Right-to-Know violation. This request pertains to the March 12th, 2024, town election in Hampton, New Hampshire, specifically regarding a post-recount audit.

The need for this audit arose when the lead recount petitioner observed two unsealed ballot boxes in the town clerk's office the day before the recount. Such an observation raises serious concerns about the integrity and security of our election process, which is why an audit was mandated.

On May 22, 2024, the court issued a NOTICE of an upcoming hearing, and I delivered the necessary documents, including the defendants' notice and the complaint, to the Sheriff's office for service. The four defendants in this case are the Hampton Board of Selectmen, the Hampton Town Clerk, and both the current and former Hampton Town Moderators. According to the lady at the Sheriff's office, they frequent Hampton regularly, so we expect the service to be completed promptly.

The court has scheduled the hearing for June 11th at 9 a.m. at the Brentwood Rockingham Superior Court. We look forward to presenting our case and seeking justice for this apparent breach of protocol.

This effort underscores the importance of transparency in our state election processes.

Upholding ethical standards and maintaining the public's trust in our electoral system are foundational to our conservative values. It's our duty to ensure that every vote is counted accurately and securely, preserving the integrity of our elections.

Stay informed and engaged, as we continue to fight for our right to know and hold our public officials accountable.

Yours in service, Barnes for New Hampshire, broadcasting from Hampton, New Hampshire.

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