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What Concord, NH is up to. Recently passed legislation to take effect July 1, 2024, another threat to local sovereignty.

House Bill 1400, set to take effect on July 1, 2024, addresses several aspects of residential housing, including parking regulations, landlord-tenant laws, unauthorized occupant evictions, and zoning procedures.

Roll call vote to adopt:

Key provisions include:

  1. Residential Parking Regulations:

  • Limits zoning and planning regulations to require no more than two residential parking spaces per unit.

  1. Landlord-Tenant Law Definitions and Rights:

  • Defines "tenant," "subtenant," "implied tenant," and "non-rental owner."

  • Specifies the rights and obligations of these parties in eviction cases involving unauthorized occupants.

  1. Remedies for Violations:

  • Provides legal remedies for violations of landlord-tenant laws and unauthorized occupancy evictions.

  1. Tax Relief for Office Conversions:

  • Establishes a tax relief program for converting office spaces to residential use.

  • Allows municipalities to adopt zoning ordinance changes and grants additional authority for parking and lot size requirements related to sewer infrastructure.

  1. Zoning and Planning Amendments:

  • Allows non-charter towns, village districts, and counties to adopt amendments to zoning ordinances through an alternative procedure.

  • Introduces on-site parking requirements and alternative parking solutions for residential uses, requiring planning boards to consider and potentially approve such alternatives if they meet parking demand.

The bill aims to streamline zoning regulations, support residential development, and address issues related to unauthorized occupancy and landlord-tenant relationships.

House Bill 1400 includes a significant tax relief program focused on encouraging the conversion of office spaces to residential uses. Key elements of this program are:

  1. Community Revitalization Tax Relief Incentive:

  • Amendment to RSA 79-E:2, VI(a):

  • Property tax on a qualifying structure will not increase due to substantial rehabilitation or conversion from office, industrial, or commercial use to residential use, for a period determined by the local governing body.

  1. Office Conversion Zones:

  • New Section RSA 79-E:4-d:

  • Allows cities or towns to adopt tax relief provisions specifically for buildings currently used for office purposes that are converted to residential use.

  • Designation of Office Conversion Zones:

  • Municipalities can designate areas where tax relief applies and establish criteria for public benefits and goals for qualifying structures.

  • Definition of Office Use:

  • Includes buildings used for professional, business, non-profit, or government purposes, as well as co-working spaces.

  • Tax Relief Period:

  • Tax relief for qualifying properties is granted for a period specified under RSA 79-E:5, with a limitation that no property can receive such relief more than once in 20 years.

  1. Definition of Qualifying Structure:

  • Amendment to RSA 79-E:2, II:

  • Expands the definition of "qualifying structure" to include buildings being converted from office use to residential use within designated office conversion zones.

This tax relief program is designed to incentivize the conversion of underutilized office spaces into residential properties, thereby supporting community revitalization and addressing housing shortages.

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Regarding “Landlord-Tenant Law Definitions and


• Defines "tenant," "subtenant," "implied tenant," and "non-rental owner."

• Specifies the rights and obligations of these parties in eviction cases involving unauthorized occupants.” Where are the definitions for the first billet point? Define” unauthorized occupant “. Does this include squatters? How does it involve “unauthorized occupants”? Does this make more homeless? Does this change the squatters law we already have and if so, how. Far too little detail. NH squatter laws are good, better than good! No need for change there. Who is going to try to make this a sanctuary state?

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