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What is up with NHGOP 2022 candidates?

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Debbie Knows All
Debbie Knows All
02 nov. 2021

Saw this on FB:

So, Regina Barnes, her lap dog Karen army, and her perverted boyfriend (who seems to enjoy posting inappropriate comments on SAU Facebook pages) are at it again. With respect to fraud, I would invite y’all to take a look at the following link for “Krakifornia” an llc – the “company” lists Barnes’ home address as the company address. Krakifornia is associated with Vincent Caprio, a republican registar of voters was accused and convicted of embezzling $18,000 – a passage from the article:

In September 2019, police said Caprio issued two checks from the Exchange Club’s charitable account. One check was made out to Gordon Player, the property owner for a New Hampshire address where the Krakifornia…

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