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Ensuring Electoral Integrity: A Call for Transparency in Hampton, NH

The integrity of elections is paramount. Every citizen deserves to have confidence that their voice is heard and their vote counts. However, recent events in Hampton, NH, have raised serious concerns about the transparency and accountability of the electoral process.

On March 26, 2024, just one day before a scheduled recount, it was discovered that at least two ballot boxes in the town clerk's vault were unsealed and unattended, a clear violation of NH RSA 669:32. This egregious lapse in security prompted the need for additional scrutiny, leading concerned citizens to initiate a citizen audit to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.

Since then, disturbing revelations have come to light:

  1. Broken Security Seals: Multiple photographs have surfaced showing security seals on certain ballot boxes were broken, raising questions about the integrity of the ballots contained within.

  2. Unopened Ballot Boxes: Out of the 14 ballot boxes brought into the recount, some were not opened, further casting doubt on the accuracy of the election results.

  3. Lack of Accountability: When questioned about the broken seals, the town clerk admitted to not knowing who opened them, highlighting a lack of accountability in the handling of sensitive election materials.

In the absence of a clear chain of custody for ballot boxes, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure the integrity of election outcomes. Without transparency and accountability, the very foundation of our democracy is undermined.

To address these concerns and restore public trust in the electoral process, the following actions are being demanded from the Hampton Town Clerk and Town Finance Director:

  1. Photographic Evidence: Provide photographs of all remaining ballot boxes used in the March 12, 2024, town election. This includes the 10 ballot boxes that have not yet been photographed as part of the citizen audit process.

  2. Invoices for Ballots: Furnish copies of invoices for all ballots, including absentee ballots, ordered for the March 12, 2024, town election. Transparency in procurement is essential to ensure accountability.

Failure to adequately respond to these requests by May 20, 2024, will be viewed as a violation of citizens' rights as enshrined in Article 8, Part One of the New Hampshire Constitution. This provision mandates the accountability of magistrates and officers to the people and emphasizes the public's right to know.

The integrity of elections is non-negotiable. The events in Hampton, NH, underscore the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and reform in our electoral processes. As we look ahead to the upcoming state primary and general elections, it is imperative that every measure is taken to safeguard the integrity of our democracy. Anything less would be a disservice to the principles upon which our nation was founded.

In conclusion, let us stand united in our commitment to electoral integrity, holding our elected officials accountable and ensuring that every vote truly counts. The future depends on it.

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