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Faith lost in NH government

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Water quality for taxpayers should concern all.

While obtaining my masters degree I put together a business plan for a NH seacoast regional desalination plant, using mostly existing infrastructure and the Atlantic ocean here on the seacoast by nuclear destination, seawater desalination, and reverse-osmosis. Did you know that these methods of water filtering could also remove contamination from PFAS, a manmade carcinogen?

Along with that, I also served on an appointed state commission for LT water quality sustainability up in Concord. Sadly, the commission failed at making any relevant recommendations and nothing came of it, after dedicating an entire year to the effort. At that time, former state representative Mindi Messmer and myself did file a minority report to the state with our own recommendations, recommendations we could not get included in the commission's final report.


As far as my business plan, it still exists and would work, it would solve a LT problem regarding both NH water quality and supply. It seems that the bipartisan NH politicos want nothing to do with it. Eversource Energy was also informed of my plan. I went to present it to their Director of Municipal Affairs, my plan suggests Eversource lead the effort for clean water and sustainable water supply all over the state. The company had stated, in their current annual report, investment in water sustainability as one of their future goals. This was subsequent to their acquisition of Aquarion Water company back in 2017. I was presenting to them a way to fulfill their goal as a company, but for some reason, they declined.

To this day, I still wonder why.

Why our state government, the largest NH utility company, and seacoast

municipalities could not even put their politics aside to fix water supply and quality issues with a regional desalination plant here in seacoast NH??

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