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Gordon MacDonald and the corrupt NH courts

The former NH attorney general and current NH Supreme Court Justice (appointed by Sununu) should have recused himself, by Claire Best.


The New Hampshire Supreme Court has just heard the appeal of Rep. Jon Stone regarding his request to keep private the records of police misconduct when he was a police officer.  Gordon MacDonald and Barbara Hantz Marconi heard the oral arguments.

Gordon MacDonald should have recused himself and Barbara Hantz Marconi arguably should have had to as well.

As AG, Gordon MacDonald argued to keep the list of police officers on the Laurie list from public view. He took his argument to the Supreme Court. He should not now be on the Supreme Court listening to appeals of those who wish to have their police corruption files kept private. 

As AG Gordon MacDonald stated in August 2018 that the Laurie List should not be private. He knew at the time that Police Detective James F McLaughlin (documents show he was added in June 2018) was on the list but instead of saying anything he continued working with him and Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin on the Grand Jury Criminal Investigation leading to the settlement agreement with St Paul’s School.  

As AG Gordon MacDonald upheld former St. Paul’s School student Owen Labrie’s convictions in September 2018 to the Supreme Court (on which Barbara Hantz Marconi presided) in full knowledge that Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin was working under him. While working under his direction Julie Curtain obtained files without warrants from St Paul’s School; made cold calls to the alumni/students whose files she had obtained; trained those to become “victims” of sex abuse and then trained them for intercept calls to wealthy targets. These targets could hear Julie Curtin training the women on the end of the phone.  

As AG Gordon MacDonald/Assistant AG Jane Young wrote to the publishers of Lacy Crawford’s “memoir” “NOTES ON A SILENCING” because they claimed the publishers should have checked with his office first before publishing chapters which document Julie Curtin’s activities obtaining student files from St Paul’s School. He/Jane Young did not mention in the letter, nor did Alyssa D’Andrea at the Concord Monitor (now at NHCADSV) mention that in fact Julie Curtin was working under his direction when she obtained the files without warrants. In the case of Lacy Crawford, Concord Police refused to hand her files which they’d obtained without a warrant. 

As AG Gordon MacDonald also did not believe that Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard should be on the Laurie List after a DWI.  

As AG Gordon MacDonald dismissed the class action lawsuit brought by Russ Rilee on behalf of David Meehan et al against the State for Youth Detention Center abuse for “victim negligence” despite the fact that the AGs office has millions of documents that have been hidden over the years documenting complaints. At least one of those victims has stated that he was sodomized by a police officer before he even reached the youth detention center. Julie Curtin has been appointed to investigate Nicholas Huppe (aka Niko Roswell’s) claims that his mother, Armida Geiger, took payments from Father Leonard Foissy to sex traffic him and other children to his father, a police officer in Rochester, priests and his grandfather, a marine.  Julie Curtin now works for Gordon MacDonald’s old client, nhe Diocese of Manchester and is apparently paid by Shaheen & Gordon for her services.  She no longer works at Concord Police Department for unexplained reasons. Deputy AG Geoffrey Ward ignored and stonewalled multiple requests for an answer regarding concerns regarding her misconduct both from myself (John Scippa of Police Standards & Training forwarded my complaints to Gordon MacDonald’s office and Jane Young said Geoffrey Ward would reply but he never did. Rep. Susan Homola of Hillsborough County followed up as well. She too was stonewalled. Then Geoffrey Ward deleted the files of 28 police officers on the Laurie List with no explanation and became a federal prosecutor with Jane Young as US Attorney. Scott Murray is another federal prosecutor working with them. He took Julie Curtin’s sworn affidavits and investigation to prosecute Owen Labrie knowing that it was a dishonest prosecution and that he himself lied when he stated in May 2016 that police and prosecutors had done a thorough investigation and found nothing else to prosecute). 

As AG Gordon MacDonald had to recuse himself regarding Purdue Pharma for conflicts of interest since he repped Purdue when he was at Nixon Peabody. Rep. Jon Stone "was a member of the Claremont Police Department’s Drug Investigation Unit around the time of his termination.”

As AG Gordon MacDonald did nothing to stop Publicly elected officials Amanda Grady Sexton, Congresswoman Ann Kuster’s and other officials from violating citizen’s (Owen Labrie’s) first amendment rights because he had a conflict of interest:  his own interest in blocking ABC/GMA from airing a program which would have exposed Concord Police corruption in the St Paul’s School cases. Had the program aired, another suit in which he was also compromised Rapuano & Does v Dartmouth Board of Trustees (on whose board is Governor Sununu who appointed him as AG & who approves the budget for the NHCADSV - beneficiaries of the suit brought by Chuck Douglas, Chair of the NH Judicial Committee), might have collapsed.  Dartmouth Professor David Bucci, who’d been denied the right to defend himself, might not have been driven to suicide. 

As AG Gordon MacDonald allowed former Monsignor Edward Arsenault to have the remainder of his sentence for defrauding the Diocese of Manchester (Gordon MacDonald & David Vicinanzo’s client at Nixon Peabody), the Catholic Medical Center and a dead priest’s estate- vacated.

Public corruption is presided over and protected by Gordon MacDonald, New Hampshire’s Supreme Court Chief Justice. 

Racketeering, profiteering, should have no place in courts, in the judiciary, in prosecutors, police departments or with lawyers and non-profits. Why does it in New Hampshire?

I continue to speak up because I am inspired by the British journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown who bravely reported on the 1MDB scandal which became perhaps the biggest global scandal in recent US history leading to US v Pras Michel earlier this year.  She faced threats of defamation suits by law firm Loeb & Loeb just as I have faced threats of defamation from Shaheen & Gordon on behalf of Amanda Grady Sexton and the NHCADSV.

It’s not defamation if it is true. And New Hampshire has constitutional first amendment protections. 

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