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History Made in NH

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

History was made in NH on Thursday, April 21, 2022. On this day, a very strong, intelligent, NH veteran patriot had his day in court. Daniel Richard is the name of the patriot that appealed to the NH Supreme Court when both the House of Representatives and State Senate refused to address his grievances as a state citizen, Daniel's right to remonstrate his state representatives is a protected right, this right is outlined in articles 31 and 32 of the NH state constitution; Part 1, Bill of Rights. State Constitution - Bill of Rights |

During Daniel's appeal to the state supreme court, the state's attorneys were arguing that while Article 31 states "The Legislature SHALL assemble for the redress of public grievances and for making such laws as the public good may require." it does not state that any action is required. In other words, the state government and their bureaucrats are under the impression that it is proper for them to only receive our grievances but only address them if they so choose to. In my view, that should be unacceptable to any granite stater, however many are unbothered by it, are they unaware? Well if that is the case, then even more reason to begin to learn about what patriot Daniel Richard has done for every citizen in this state.

You see, if NH citizens were to unite against their defunct government, we could abandon the created police state and return back to the live free or die state. Daniel needs the masses to stand with him on his voyage bushwhacking his way through the NH swamp and its corruption. You see, Daniel's way is the constitutional way, it is the only way that we can resolve this state tyranny, peacefully.

The first truth that one must understand, is that, in order to stand up for your protected rights, one must be a state citizen, unless you were born in NH, you are not one. The good news is that the process to become one is easy and can be found on the NH Committee of Safety website at Instructions for New Hampshire Citizenship - New Hampshire Committee of Safety; Repealing Unconstitutional Laws (

Daniel and the NH Committee of Safety (NHCOS) need the masses to become state citizens as soon as possible.

The second most important truth to know and understand, is that those who currently have all the power and are the cause of most of the corruption will do ANYTHING to stay in power. There are layers upon layers of bureaucracy protecting the elected in NH. Town and city lawyers that are funded by the local taxpayers spend most of their time finding ways to go after local taxpayers. Daniel has been calling them all out, he is asking for accountability and adherence to the very constitution these elected guys swore an oath to. The lawyers cannot bail them out. At NHCOS, anyone can get the knowledge and tools needed to hold their own local and state elected representatives accountable.

The third truth to realize is that the two-party system is a political hack job. Both parties are corrupted, heavily so here in NH. Also, a republican in name only (RINO) is just as bad as a crazy lefty (insane.), they are both communists. Daniel's efforts have called both sides out for violating their oaths of office. The paper trail is available at

Fourth, the biggest lie that one can believe is that America is a democracy. America is not a democracy; it is a constitutional republic with 51 constitutions. Each state has its own constitution because each state has its own sovereignty. The current tone in Concord is to bail themselves out of debt with federal funds that come with strings attached. These federal strings will cause the demise to what is left of NH state sovereignty. Lawmakers and the Executive branch accepting this federal debt on behalf of we the people also happens to be repugnant to the state constitution. Daniel has taken legal action on this matter as well, more information is available at

The fifth truth is that NH has voter fraud. First, the legislature has been changing the qualifications of who is eligible to vote in the state. They are determining who is eligible to vote in the state without any authority by we the people. State voting laws have been made without the consent of state citizens since the 1960s. You see, the legislature, regardless of what it may think, cannot change the qualifications to vote without first asking the public body or state citizens. There are dozens of unconstitutional voting laws made in this state and now is the time to ask Concord to repeal them all. For example, allowing college students and same day registrants to vote in NH elections is repugnant to the state constitution. Second during COVID, the governor and the state senate allowed certain rules for election day that are not authorized by the state constitution, therefore all elections during 2020 in NH were fraudulent and not in accordance with the law of the land. Third, use of electronic ballot counting devices as adopted on a "temporary" basis of 43 years per NH RSA 656:40 is repugnant to the state constitution, said statute was created under the color of the law and is repugnant to the state constitution. The constitution dictates that all votes must be accounted for by the town moderator, the board of selectmen, and the town clerk. The use of electronic ballot counting devices was never authorized as an amendment to state voting laws by the people. Daniel has acted in this effort as well, please see for details on the matter. Several towns throughout NH have also put their locally elected boards on notice for the illegal use of electronic ballot counting devices. We need this effort to happen in every town and every city in NH, we must demand from our elected officials that our next 2022 election be done in accordance with the constitution of this state, the same constitution that all of them swore an oath to. These violations of our protected voting rights are how the NH political hacks keep re-electing themselves. Remember we have selections NOT elections here in NH. We need YOU to participate and stand with Daniel.

The last truth to quickly get used to, is that our state government is about as incestuous as one can imagine. Because of this, there are quite a few allowable monopolies throughout the state government. For one to proclaim that monopolies in the state exist will instantly be shrugged off by anyone who either benefits from a monopoly or is merely just too ignorant to realize what is happening. 6 years ago, I was ignorant. The current Chief Supreme Justice of the NH Supreme Court was disqualified from Daniel's April 21 Oral Argument because he was the state Attorney General at the time. The current state Attorney General was Governor Sununu's private lawyer beforehand. The Governor appoints his “friends” to important state offices and commissions, this way he can get the decisions he so desires. This “tone at the top” resonates throughout the NH state government. Quid quo pro relationships have become toxic to the sovereignty of the state, it has been almost completely sold out for personal special interests.

The state government has been acting without any authority for quite some time, for example, the Department of Health & Human Services, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and most all of the Governor appointed commissions are highly repugnant to the state constitution. The biggest problem we have with all these appointed commissions is that the decisions are being made by state bureaucrats and not those chosen to represent the people of the state. The current status quo of our state government is to listen to the "paid experts" (bureaucrats.) These appointed decision makers are not even mentioned in the state constitution. There are thousands of NH Patriots statewide that have every intention of putting the state government back in order, we all stand with Daniel and his fight to get us back to the constitutional republic of NH. The road is long, but it must start now, NHCOS needs hundreds of thousands willing to stand with Daniel now.

Daniel Richard has become a professor of the state constitution to anyone willing to learn it and use it against the corruption in this state. The majority of the elected in this state, view the state constitution as a roadblock, others do not fully understand exactly what they took an oath to when elected. As a former Hampton selectman who took the oath twice, I did not fully understand what the oath meant until I met Dan in March of 2020. NHCOS truly began when a few of us started weekly zoom meetings during the global plandemic, induced into the state by Governor Sununu. NHCOS started with Dan, and a few pissed off women. He began teaching us about our protected rights and how to stand up for them. Since then, NHCOS has grown tremendously, but not enough. The state constitution is the only chance we have to solve this tyranny in a peaceful manner, it is time that the good people of this state demand that all elected officials in the state begin to work for taxpayers over special interests and partisan ideals, this can easily be accomplished by electing patriots to the statehouse that will repeal any law that is repugnant to the state constitution. It is time we the people remind Concord that they work for us, it is not the other way around.

We the people must demand accountability, transparency, and a government that operates within the confines of the NH constitution. We the people must stand with Daniel Richard.

Daniel and NHCOS need your help.


It is time to take back the state.

Regina M. Barnes


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