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Impact Fees in Hampton, 5/18/22 letter to planning board

Dear Chairman of the Hampton planning board, please forward this to the PB for review:

As we are all aware, there are quite a

few large developments happening throughout town. The agenda tonight (5/18/22) discusses two of those:

500 Lafayette

188 Winnacunnet

Most of these planned projects will have a material impact to the town, its infrastructure, and character. I am asking the Hampton PB to work in conjunction with the BOS to begin the implementation of impact fees for all new development types in Hampton.

Hampton town voters have already adopted Town Chapter 247 in regards to Impact Fee implementation at the 2002 town meeting. This article passed by 75%. To-date, as far as I am aware, the PB has only implemented a school impact fee. It is long overdue to consider impact fee implementation for public safety, infrastructure, and perhaps recreation.

The purpose of the Chapter adopted in 2002 was to enact an order to promote public health, safety, convenience, welfare, and prosperity; ensure that adequate and appropriate facilities are available to individuals who may come to be located in the TOH; prevent scattered or premature development of land as would involve danger or injury to health, safety, or prosperity by reason of the lack of water supply, drainage, transportation, schools, fire protection, or other public services; provide for a harmonious development of the municipality and its environment; ensure the proper arrangement and coordination of streets; and ensure streets of sufficient width to accommodate existing and prospective traffic. Have we done this as a community? I would argue not.

In January of 2009, the town had an impact fee assessment completed for public safety and recreation:

The public safety fee schedule recommended at the time was $900-1,200 per dwelling for resi properties and $0.49 - 1.45 per square foot for non-resi properties. The recreational fee scheduled was recommended from $600 - 650 per dwelling for resi properties. What would be the recommendations today?

At the time of this assessment report, police calls at the north beach/main beach represented 60% of all calls for service, in the summertime it was at 73% - What is it now? Do we have this data?

In 2007 45% of all FD responses were locations from the beach. What is it now? Do we have this data?

For comparative purposes; the town’s value of taxable properties has gone from $1.4 billion in 2002 up to $3.9 billion in 2021, or a 179% increase. Total residential properties recognized a 187% increase and total commercial properties a 202% increase.

In 2012 TM Welch sent a letter to the Chairman of the PB requesting implementation of town impact fees for all new developments in Hampton. No action was taken in regards to this request. It is time for both the Hampton BOS and PB to take action on this matter. With the ongoing update to the town’s Master Plan, now is the opportune time for implementing public safety, infrastructure, and recreational town impact fees. Thank you

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