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NH Housing Tyranny

Thank you Jane Aitken

NH towns need Selectmen, Planning Board and Zoning Boards of Appeals candidates who support the repeal of the Concord Housing Appeals Board. There is no way a state appointed, non elected board

should be able to overrule a locally elected one. Jane is right, total Bolshevism.

Make sure you know who you are voting into local office in your home town.

Regina Barnes for Hampton selectmen supports the repeal and has brought awareness to this effort in Concord to both the Hampton selectmen and local constituents since 2019.


Open Letter to ALL Legislators,

This should NOT be happening in New Hampshire!

What happens when you have 'Republicans' who are self-proclaimed 'proud graduates' of the Carsey Institute? You get 1913 Bolshevism.

Any Republican OR Democrat who espouses the goals of this caucus should be ashamed.

This is left-wing 'equity' — affirmative action re: housing ala Obama/Biden's AFFH if you will, and just plain redistribution of the wealth, while padding the pockets of wealthy developers. And who suffers? NH's middle class...

The state and federal government have NO business telling towns what do about housing, or mandating or banning types of zoning! This is a matter for those who VOTE AT TOWN MEETING to decide.

Flooding NH with government-mandated high-density housing will only cause an eventual sales and income tax and destroy the NH Advantage.

Please educate yourselves by reading all that has been written about this subject.

Please support the repeal of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL regional unaccountable HAB with HB 1216 and stop all other bills that seek to allow the state or federal government to control or influence housing at the local level, especially SB 400.

The list is here:

Jane Aitken

Vice Chair,

Founder and Chair,

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