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NH Muckraker podcast episode 27

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

"NH is the global clearing house for money, drug, and human trafficking."

- Mike Gill The NH cartel:

3 principal members of the cartel:

-Dick Anagnost, runs treatment centers, homeless shelters, runs the drugs and launders the money, protected by Shaheen

-Andrew Crews, a front man for trafficking of drugs & children (Autofair)

-Bill Greiner, he third player & Chairman of the board at Primary Bank

The others: -Jeremiah Devlin, dept of the treasury -Jerry Little, banking commissioner, former state senator -John Sununu, former governor, former Bush chief of staff -Chris Sununu, current governor, potential 2024 candidate for President, protector of the cartel (appoints AG, the DOJ, the courts, the banking Department) -Bill Shaheen, lobbyist, lawyer, husband to US senator Jeanne Shaheen, Shaheen & Gordon law firm, "architect" of the laundering network -Steve Gordon, Shaheen & Gordon law firm -Jeanne Shaheen, US senator -Maggie Hassan, US senator -Aaron Day, libretararian candidate for President -James O'Keefe, Founder Project Veritas, friend of Aaron Day

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