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Prolonging COVID

What prolonged the global pandemic of Covid? My view below, this was also sent to a Hampton constituent this morning:

My view, as with millions globally, is that if remedial and natural treatments that already existed were widely suggested and made available for early prevention back in March 2020, many lives would of been saved.

One of the anti-viral preventatives, Ivermectin, I personally have been taking as a preventative for several months now, since the Delta surfaced. This drug is not able to be dispensed in NH, I have to get it from FL. This same drug, in the past, has won a noble peace prize for its effectiveness in the prevention of viral infections. Why was this drug not pushed via commercials on NH's channel 9? One reason, I would argue, is that Ivermectin is cheap and it is a generic, therefore it is NOT Big Pharma, (which we know is a huge special interest globally).

In my experience, when something in the government does not add up or does not use common sense, it becomes a cause for concern.

Specifically, in NH, Governor Sununu actually limited use and availability of known remedies statewide by an executive order! I would have to read through all his orders again for the EO #, but it is there. That effort in itself is a form of tyranny, and in my view, a crime against humanity.

The state of NH and NH hospitals got a cash settlement for every positive case of covid. The pandemic was based on these cases, however, both the rapid and PCR tests have been proven to not to be completely accurate, especially for the asymptomatic.

Attached below is the state-by-state break down per covid case, NH received $201,000 per case.

The global protocol to address the pandemic, actually prolonged it in my view. Also in my view, it was prolonged for an unproven vaccine so the politicos could make their money. We already had proven treatments and they were kept from the general public. That in itself is a huge cause for concern. Again, a crime against humanity.

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