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Sununu minions in Hampton endorse Haley

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Check out all the Hampton, NH chamber cabal members listed here

Maintain the cover-up, all that matters to them.

These cabal guys don't live in a sane world and are not fiscal conservatives.

Chuck Rage sits as a Hampton selectman, a village district commissioner, and a member of the Hampton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Preston and Hartnett are representatives from the "small business/non profit community" that only represent those who succumb to the chamber's political narratives and half asssed theories as presented by Chamber Chair John Nyhan.

Nikki has endorsed over $80 billion in funding from 2022-2023 and endorses $60 billion more in funding. Americans borrow over $1 trillion  per year to fund Ukraine. Why not use the money to pay for senior citizens' medicare?

The chamber cabal guys don't care.

The uniparty at its finest,

Democrat billionaire gives Haley campaign $250k

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