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The NH cabal is eating their own

All about the fraud funds.

Andy Sanborn, former NH state senator, was one of Mike Gill's named witnesses going up against Anagnost, Crews, Greiner, & company.

A little history;

Andy Crews went from car salesman to NH lottery Commissioner, thanks to Chris Sununu . Another rigged appointment by the gatekeeper for the NH cabal.

Now Andy Crews, as lottery commissioner has ruled against Andy Sanborn using the corrupted AGs office, another Sununu appointment.

Sanborn has only done what most of them are all guilty of.

When they go after their own, it is out of desperation.

What about, Sanborns wife, Laurie? Should she still be considered as a legitimate state representative by NH taxpayers?

The NH cabal is eating their own.

Mike Gill is right.

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